Last year, ITW updated and announced a holistic CSR vision and strategic framework. Consistent with our core values and decentralized, entrepreneurial culture, our CSR strategy represents our enterprise’s shared commitment but it is operationalized at the divisional level. Our CSR strategy is built around four key elements: Our Governance & Ethics, Our People, Our Communities and Our Environment.
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Our Governance & Ethics

  • Supported by unwavering management commitment and engaged Board oversight, we operate our business with a demonstrated commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct, everywhere in the company every day.
  • This commitment is reinforced by strong policies and practices related to fair, ethical and honest business dealings, robust governance, and compliance with applicable laws, while demonstrating respect for human rights at ITW and throughout our supply chain.

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Our People

  • We strive every day to foster a proactive safety culture through the execution of our Enterprise Safety Strategy, which is based on a philosophy that every accident is preventable and with a shared goal of zero accidents.
  • As a global employer, we are committed to providing market competitive compensation and benefits, maintaining fair labor practices, and ensuring a work environment that reflects our core values and culture everywhere we operate.
  • We support our colleagues’ professional development and long-term career growth and invest in these activities. We recognize and reward colleagues who perform well, have a strong preference for promoting our internal talent, and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of our ITW colleagues.
  • We believe that we are at our best when we bring together unique perspectives, experiences and ideas. We strive to create diverse and inclusive workplaces where all our ITW colleagues can perform to their full potential.
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Our Communities

  • Recognizing the importance of our responsibility beyond our business operations, we encourage and support our colleagues globally in their efforts to make positive contributions, through financial gifts and volunteerism, to the communities where they work and live.
  • In addition, as a company we are committed to supporting programs and initiatives to improve access to a high-quality education and workforce/career preparation for youth in under-served communities, both in our headquarters region of greater Chicago and around the world.
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Our Environment

We are committed to operating our business in a way that demonstrates our dedication to global environmental sustainability. This commitment is reflected in the following priorities:

  • Improving our environmental performance on an ongoing basis;
  • Working with suppliers who operate with similar dedication to global environmental sustainability; and
  • Partnering with our customers in innovating solutions that address their needs for environmentally responsible products.