ITW recognizes the value in people who bring unique perspectives, experiences and ideas to the team, enabling us to perform at our full potential and deliver differentiated solutions to our customers. Developing our people is key to our success, and we put particular emphasis on diversity and inclusion (D&I) to ensure a diverse talent pipeline and inclusive workplace.

ITW’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Progress in this area is rooted in our comprehensive enterprise D&I framework, which outlines our focus in four key areas (Click or tap each section for more information):

Leadership Commitment & Accountability

Global, Diverse Talent

Inclusive Workplace

Best-in-Class Employer

diversity & inclusion

Reporting Our Progress on Diversity & Inclusion

We continue to make solid progress against the achievement of our 2020 goals to enhance the diversity of our global leadership team. In 2017, we again increased the percentage of our global leaders who are women, as well as the percentage of ethnically diverse leaders in the U.S.

Diversity & Inclusion 2020 Goals

Global Women Leaders
U.S. Ethnically Diverse Leaders

2017 Diversity & Inclusion Data

Global Women Leaders
  • Percent
U.S. Ethnically Diverse Leaders
  • Percent

ITW Commits to the CEO Action for Diversity & InclusionTM

In 2017, ITW Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Scott Santi joined the leaders of over 300 companies in support of the CEO Action for Diversity & InclusionTM – the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Through this commitment, these leaders agree to work collaboratively to take concrete actions, including conducting unconscious bias training with company leadership, to cultivate work environments where diverse experiences and perspectives are welcomed and where employees feel comfortable and empowered. This important diversity-related training will be provided to a broad group of ITW’s leaders in 2018.

"This was an easy commitment for me to make given our focused efforts to build a global, diverse workforce and to ensure an inclusive workplace for all of our ITW colleagues. This is foundational to ITW’s culture and values – respecting all of our colleagues and their contributions – and are essential tenets for how we conduct our business, how we treat each other and how we lead our teams." - Scott Santi, Chairman and CEO

African American Network Launches

In 2017, ITW continued to strengthen its existing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). The African American Network (AAN) was launched to support the recruitment, development and retention of its African American workforce. Because of ITW’s decentralized culture, many members of this group were already meeting informally. The AAN was formed to build on this momentum and to offer more development opportunities for African Americans throughout ITW.

In 2018, the AAN will continue to raise awareness of this newly formed group through regular events, a mentorship program and involvement in key recruitment programs.

Growing Our Talent

We are a leadership-centric company and our success requires sufficient quality and depth of what we define as Great ITW Leaders. Specifically, we expect our leaders to:

  • Be experts in the practice of the ITW Business Model
  • Make great strategic choices
  • Deliver great results
  • Be great talent managers
  • Provide strong leadership

These talented individuals are able to leverage the ITW Business Model to its full potential, which in turn drives our differentiated performance in a way that is consistent with our values. In addition, having strong depth and diversity of talent ensures ITW’s success over the long term through a consistent flow of internal talent into senior leadership positions.

Developing Leader
Senior Leadership Potential
Senior Leadership Pipeline

Building Our Pipeline

In 2017, ITW launched its first formal enterprise internship program within the U.S., facilitating the placement of 92 interns across core ITW locations. All interns were challenged with key projects and assignments in their field of study and had the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to prepare them for entry-level positions. Internships, and the conversion of interns into entry-level hires, represent an important element of ITW’s talent strategy and play a critical role in building a deep and diverse talent pipeline. Notably, our program includes diversity goals related to this key talent pipeline. The internship program will continue to expand in future years, reaching students and recent graduates in key geographies across the globe.

Mentoring Future Female Leaders

March 30, 2018 – In 2017, members of the Chicago North Shore Chapter of the ITW Women’s Network (IWN) sought to expand their reach and empowerment of female leaders into the local community. As they considered where they could have

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