Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our approximately 50,000 colleagues is a key component of living our core values.

A Strategic Approach to Safety

We introduced a comprehensive Enterprise Safety Strategy in late 2016 to build around our Safety Vision: “Every Accident Is Preventable.” Our vision for safety excellence is based on the following core principles:

  • Goal is Zero Accidents
  • Shared Ownership for Safety (Business & Individual)
  • Take a Proactive Approach Focused on Accident Prevention
  • Apply the Continuous Improvement Philosophy

Our Framework for an Effective Divisional Safety Program

  1. Safety Vision: Every accident is preventable, and our shared goal is zero accidents.
  2. Leadership & Employee Engagement: A strong focus on continuous improvement, communicating progress and celebrating success.
  3. Safety Committees: Each division will have at least one safety committee consisting of both employees and management.
  4. Communication: Clear safety messaging in the workplace and the sharing of best practices within and among divisions.
  5. Training: Continuously acquire and reinforce the skills necessary to improve safe work practices.
  6. Audits/Hazard Identification: Prevent accidents by identifying and reporting hazards.
  7. Risk Prevention: Implement a process to identify and eliminate hazards, including risk analysis, near-miss reporting, sharing best practices and implementing corrective action.
  8. Accident Investigation: Ensure root cause identification and corrective action with a sense of urgency.
  9. Performance Measurement: Use data to track and drive safety performance improvements.
  10. Compliance: Every ITW division will strive to meet or exceed all applicable regulatory obligations.

Our 2017 Safety Performance

In 2017, we expanded implementation of the Enterprise Safety Strategy throughout all ITW divisions and saw clear evidence that we are creating an even stronger culture of safety in order to reduce the number of injuries in our facilities as we strive to reach our goal of Zero Accidents. Using the safety framework as a guide, our businesses are able to address their specific needs.

2017 Safety Data

We continue to evaluate our safety metrics to ensure we are tracking data that will drive safety performance improvements.

Lost Time Accidents
  • Number of accidents
  • Number of fatalities
Government Safety Inspections
  • Number of Inspections
Government Safety Inspections’ Resulting Fines
  • Fines in U.S. dollars

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