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We support our colleagues’ professional development and long-term career growth. We recognize and reward colleagues who perform well, have a strong preference for promoting our internal talent and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of our ITW colleagues.

Developing Talent to be Great ITW Leaders

We are a leadership-centric company and our success requires sufficient quality and depth of what we define as Great ITW Leaders. We expect our leaders to:

  • Be experts in the practice of the ITW Business Model
  • Make great strategic choices
  • Deliver great results
  • Be great talent managers
  • Provide strong leadership

By leveraging the ITW Business Model to its full potential, Great ITW Leaders focus on improving their capabilities to build a diverse talent pipeline and promote a culture that encourages collaboration and reflects our values. In addition, having strong depth and diversity of talent ensures ITW’s success over the long term through a consistent flow of internal talent into senior leadership positions.

Developing Leader
Senior Leadership Potential
Senior Leadership Pipeline

Growing Our Internship Program

We are focused on the next generation of Great ITW Leaders. ITW’s internship program is centered on students exploring a future with ITW and the company attracting a deep and diverse talent pool that will grow with us from intern to entry-level hire. Internships are a critical element in our talent pipeline in terms of our ability to recruit professionals early in their career who will develop expertise in the ITW Business Model and thrive in our entrepreneurial culture.

Now in its second year, ITW’s internship program continues to grow, with the placement of 105 interns across core U.S. ITW locations. Interns are challenged with key projects and assignments in their field of study and have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to prepare them for future entry-level positions. In 2018, we continued our strategy of recruiting from national diversity partnerships, including the Society of Women Engineers and National Society of Black Engineers.

Leadership and Development Opportunities

Our talented colleagues thrive in an environment that provides them significant responsibility and autonomy to get things done. We provide our people with substantial personal learning and career development opportunities to help them reach full potential in their careers with ITW.

Our development philosophy is rooted in the 70-20-10 model, which highlights and supports how our colleagues learn and develop best – 70 percent from challenging, on-the-job experiences, 20 percent from coaching and feedback, and 10 percent from formalized training and coursework.

True to our decentralized, entrepreneurial culture, professional development is customized and facilitated within our 87 divisions and provides a significant focus on helping our colleagues build expertise in the practice of the ITW Business Model. We encourage our colleagues to “own” their careers and leverage the performance management and development planning resources ITW offers to continue building critical skills and capabilities in their role each and every day.

Welding – Power Systems Division

The Power Systems Division of ITW’s Welding Segment is focused on supporting its colleagues’ career development by facilitating training workshops targeted at improving their skills and expertise in the practice of the ITW Business Model. A total of 111 front-line production colleagues participated in training workshops in 2018 and immediately applied their learning through on-the-job project assignments to drive continuous improvements within the business.

Polymers & Fluids – ITW Automotive Aftermarket Platform

In 2018, the ITW Automotive Aftermarket Platform within the Polymers & Fluids Segment facilitated an intensive leadership development program, called Leadership Essentials, for 60 people managers and high potential professionals. The program focused on supporting participants’ long-term career growth and helping them build Great ITW Leader attributes, including developing expertise in the ITW Business Model and becoming Great Talent Managers. All participants created individual development plans that helped them apply their learnings and reach full potential in their career with ITW.