After successfully securing the sale of its new HT Series Scales to a global retailer, food equipment manufacturer Hobart was challenged with what to do with the customer’s old scales. Knowing that the scales would likely end up in landfills, ITW’s Food Equipment Group stepped up with a “Trade In, Trade Up” program in partnership with The Astor Company, a recycling and sustainability consulting firm.

Hobart and Astor set up a certified destruction program, through which the old scales were sent to a recycling center to be completely destroyed and recycled. Plastic and metal parts were sorted and repurposed for other uses, and in the end 10,800 scales were recycled, equaling 315 tons of recyclable material.

Both the customer and the ITW Food Equipment Group have been very pleased with the results of the “Trade In, Trade Up” program. The ITW Food Equipment Group and Hobart will look to offer the program to additional customers in 2018.