In recent years, ITW's Bangalore Integrated System Solutions (P) Ltd (BISS) has seen its home city of Bangalore, India, grow in population as it has become the country’s capital for science and technology. As a result, the once “Garden City” has experienced a decline in this reputation due to growing pressure on its infrastructure.

Water, in particular, is a resource the city struggles to supply. So when BISS, a leading manufacturer and provider of testing systems, moved to a new location in Bangalore, the business made a conscious decision to do whatever it could not to burden the city by its presence and operations.

While constructing the new facility, BISS converted the entire basement into a water reservoir that holds up to 200,000 liters of rain water. Nearly all the rain that falls on the roof ends up in the reservoir. The water is then filtered to serve the operational needs of the business, relieving pressure on the overburdened city water supply. In addition, all liquid waste is fed to a waste treatment facility on the BISS property. Treated water from this facility is fully utilized within the business for non-potable purposes, while the solid waste is composted on site and serves as nutrients for the nearby greenery.

BISS continues to look for ways it can reduce its impact on the environment through facility improvements.